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The Eyeke Athletes are a team of independent players who play games throughout the Metaverse on behalf of Planet Eyeke. Athletes represent our Planet, making us proud while attracting players from throughout the Metaverse.

The Athletes

The Eyeke athletes are getting ready to take their next steps to prepare the battlefield on all blockchains, from the WAX battlefield to the ETH frontiers, they are a dedicated and committed group of players who believe in fairness and integrity for all! In order to provide all players with an equal opportunity in all aspects of gameplay the athletes will be required to watch over and protect themselves as well as others from unfair play. One area the athletes swear to defend the battlefield from is botting by reporting and providing information of anyone who they might encounter that is wrongfully using alternative accounts to harvest resources  at an unfair advantage.

About the Athletes

 The Athletes are a team of independent blockchain experts who have a strong tying to the planet Eyeke. This group of esport individuals are proficient in blockchain gaming on wax and other blockchains. Together they have created The Metaverse Esports League - Eyeke Athletes. The league was created to promote a competition between the different planetary-syndicates and the champions of a season of competitions will be crowned victor of the league and potentially attract players from other protocols and blockchains to join for the chance to compete in play to earn opportunities as well as potentially connect Trillium to other games as rewards. 

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Season 1 Athletes: