Comics Alley

Planet Eyeke is an imaginary planet where players gather to learn, experiment with technologies and create the community-built Metaverse.  Many inhabitants and visitors are creators and have established Comics Alley where enthusiasts can gather and meet regardless of their technologies, platforms or blockchains.

Comic Creators Workshop

Hosted by Eric Westreich for the Comic Advisory Council, the Comics Club, the Comics Community and the Eyeke Community Council's Welcoming Committee at the Bat Cave at Eyeke Cove, this interview is part of a series aimed to welcome comic enthusiasts and creators in the Metaverse. 

Comic Creators Workshop Byron Rempel Feb 2024 (1).mp4

Comic Creator Workshop presents 

Byron Rempel  from Da Horde Comics  

Interviewed by Eric Westreich 

On February 26, 2024, Byron Rempel from Da Horde Comics shared his creator's journey through blockchain and the Metaverse with Eyeke's Center for Governance's Eric Westreich.   

Da Horde's Comics aims to start small as a collection of stories from the previous works of Byron Rempel and then expanding to new comics featuring a journey through the Metaverse and incorporating people and platforms that have shaped the WAX ecosystem and his journey on the blockchains, over the years.    

Recorded on February 26, 2024 

Comic Creators Workshop with Ultra Rare and Lightningworks (1).mp4

Comic Creator Workshop presents

John & Richie from Ultra Rare:
Creating Comics with WAX NFTs
Special Appearance by Geoff McCabe from Lightningworks

John and Richie from Ultra Rare joined Eric Westreich to discuss their NFT and Comics journey. Inspiring others for several years now, Ultra Rare has several of the most beloved NFT collections on the WAX blockchain. Their Comic collection is a model for how comic creators, storytellers and artists can converge to provide collectible entertainment to players and collectors in the Metaverse.  Joined by special guest Geoff McCabe from Lightningworks, we also hear about their comics and artistic creations are coming to life. The discussion that follows highlights the possibilities and benefits of creator communities collaborating together.

Recorded on January 29, 2024

Lightningworks Presents Starblind

👽 Explorers, Step into a new era of the Alien Worlds universe with 'Starblind,' an 8-page comic masterpiece, ideated by Geoff McCabe's team at LightningWorks and supported by a Galactic Hubs grant. Building upon the foundational lore crafted by celebrated author Kevin J. Anderson, this story unfolds in the perilous mining colony of Magor, offering a unique twist in our expanding narrative. Immerse yourself in this innovative blend of creative storytelling set in the Alien Worlds metaverse. For mor information, check out the blog and  article and  watch the streams on YouTube.

The Bat Cave

The Bat Cave, located deep within Comics Alley, welcomes comic creators and enthusiasts to the Metaverse.

Hosting the Comic Creators Workshop, the Comics Club and the Comics Community, the Bat Cave is inspired by the Ultra Rare Horrors bats on the WAX blockchain.

Find the Bat Cave in your imagination, and at Eyeke Cove, 27 Inland and 18 River, next to the Planet Eyeke Welcome Center.

Learn More About Planet Eyeke 

Now that we've landed on the Planet, what will we do? That is up to us! What do you want to do?

 About Planet Eyeke

Planet Eyeke is a planet in the Metaverse (and an Exoplanet in the Universe around Earth). Here we play, create, govern, inspire and support people from around the world in connecting through blockchain technologies, games and data displays. These innovative technologies are a bit confusing to Earthlings, but together, we will explore and learn.

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