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A structured game platform for experimentation in community engagement in governance

A Community Supporting Planet Eyeke

The Eyeke Community Council is a community of player engaged in supporting the Planet Eyeke ecosystem.



Identify and share the core concepts of blockchain, blockchain games, decentralization and related topics. Explore player education about blockchain-related concepts and shared values and how Planet Eyeke can facilitate those important play paths.


Create and distribute Planet Eyeke publications and communications including newsletter, press releases and training resources such as Gitbook.


Identify communities playing Alien Worlds and together with other committees, connect them to resources on Planet Eyeke.


Identify data needs to support Planet Eyeke projects. Work with the Data Microship to identify methods for counting the number of players and adding new player games and experiences to the number of players leaderboards. Identify data sources for players needing development support and new data needs.


Provide community art for use in the Alien Worlds Community Metaverse to connect and inspire creators. Identify and support art needs with open source sets of content and art needed to support the launch of projects supported by Planet Eyeke.


Identify and design diplomacy missions when Custodians identify a need for player to player or interplanetary diplomacy missions.


Create entertaining videos for YouTube and social media that include Playpportunities.


Identify and create sustainable events and activities for players.


Identify games to connect to Alien Worlds and invite them to connect to Planet Eyeke and explore how to meld with the Alien Worlds Metaverse.


Identify opportunities for governance experiments and governance models that can shared with players. Support the Center for Governance on Planet Eyeke.


Identify Planet Eyeke lore and make it available for use and extension by Planet Eyeke players.


Create play paths and related messaging in support of Planet Eyeke players on Planet Eyeke website, social media and public outlets. Identify opportunities for sponsors to support Planet Eyeke initiatives and the weekly allocation pool of rewards.

Open Source Software

Identify opportunities for players to use and create using open source software solutions.

Science & Engineering

Explore the science and engineering associated with the elements in the Alien Worlds Metaverse and how it connects to the solar system and innovates on traditional approaches.

Social Games

Create games for players to play in social media and live events.

Social Media

Schedule, post and engage in social media posts for Planet Eyeke and projects associated with Planet Eyeke.

Technologies & Development

Bring together resources to identify, engage and reward developers while identifying priorities for technology development to support the Metaverse and the communities.


Gather and create messaging and resources to welcome new players. Identify play paths for new players. Help new players to have positive and engaging experiences. Recommend Welcome Declarations for communities to connect to Planet Eyeke.


Read the live notes and track the progress of the ECC in the Eyeke Community Council Notes

Track the Eyeke Council rewards in the eyekecouncil WAX account: https://wax.bloks.io/account/eyekecouncil

View the historical transactions of the Eyeke Council.

Thank you for your service!


The Eyeke Community Council has supported many players:

The founding Custodians wanted to expand the leadership body beyond the initial Custodians. Without changing the nature or responsibilities of Custodianship, the Custodians of Planet Eyeke at the inception of this proposal are proposing the creation of Committees. The intent is that the Eyeke Community Council is a leadership community affiliated with and in support of Planet Eyeke.


Elected custodians distributing the weekly allocation of Trilium from the Federation

Planet Eyeke is a real exoplanet which supports the distribution of Trilium on Earth through the Alien Worlds game. The custodians are elected by voters through the Alien Worlds Play interface for the Syndicates game. Each week, an allocation is released for the elected custodians to distribute. Do you like what your custodians are creating? If so,  use your votes to support them. Stake Trilium to the Planet to increase the allocation from the Federation, too! Think you could do better, run as a custodian, too

Vote for Custodians

View and vote for Custodians on Planet Eyeke:

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