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Join us to develop Planet Eyeke, a community-built planet in the Metaverse, virtual, yet real. 

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Welcome Comic Con Birmingham! Also visit here: http://www.digital-collectibles.co.uk  

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Now that we've landed on the Planet, what will we do? That is up to us! What do you want to do?

 About Planet Eyeke

Planet Eyeke is a planet in the Metaverse (and an Exoplanet in the Universe around Earth). Here we play, create, govern, inspire and support people from around the world in connecting through blockchain technologies, games and data displays. These innovative technologies are a bit confusing to Earthlings, but together, we will explore and learn.

Recent News

February 26, 2024

Comic Creator Workshop

Creating NFT Comics

Special Guest: Byron from the Horde Comics

Presented by the Comic Club

Workshops in the Bat Cave on Planet Eyeke Inland River 27:18


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How Do the Metaverse and Earth Connect?

Electra and Vega from Alien Edition explain why it's such a big deal that the Metaverse and Earth are connected. Fly up and visit their ships now and each week on YouTube!

About WAX Wallet and Blockchain


Learn about the WAX Cloud Wallet on the WAX Blockchain


What do you need to play and create on WAX? 

See what Mike D has to say about CPU, NET and RAM.

Visit the Planet Eyeke Welcome Center

Fly, boat or walk to the Eyeke Welcome Center on  Eyeke's Inland River located at Inland 27 River 18. Tour the campus, visit the Eyeke Library and explore the lush gardens. 

Eyeke Library

South Inland River Entrance to the Welcome Center

East Main Entrance to the Welcome Center

West Entrance to the Welcome Center

East Side Entrance to the Welcome Center

North Inland River Access to the Welcome Center